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  • Trump announces surprise meeting with Mexican president
    Donald Trump is weighing a last-minute trip to Mexico to meet with the country's president on Wednesday, just hours before he is set to deliver a speech focused on immigration policy, a source familiar with the plans told CNN on Tuesday.
  • Rubio offers Trump a tepid embrace
    Sen. Marco Rubio still won't take back the many attacks he launched at former rival Donald Trump when they faced off in the bitter presidential primary. But ahead of voting in Tuesday's Senate primary in Florida, the freshman lawmaker is reluctant to alienate Trump's supporters in a state the billionaire won by nearly 20 points.
  • Rubio, Wasserman Schultz, McCain win primaries, CNN projects
    Both Republican and Democratic incumbents face challenges from their respective party's insurgent wing in Tuesday primaries, as GOP Sen. John McCain and Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz battle to retain their spots in Congress.

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  • John McCain Easily Survives Primary Challenge In Arizona

    WASHINGTON ― Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) got one step closer to maintaining his Senate seat on Tuesday, cruising to victory in his primary race against conservative challenger Kelli Ward.

    The win gives McCain some needed momentum as he heads into a tough battle against Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick

  • Bernie, George and Me
    Political junkie that I am, I watched most of both conventions. Even if I didn't intend to, by 8 p.m. the TV set was on, tuned to CNN, with me in front of it. I watched the Republican Party proceedings, I told myself, because it was important to experience the Trump phenomenon directly.

    The Democratic Party convention was more difficult. While I am closer...
  • Dear Governor LePage
    Dear Governor Lepage,

    When I was young I invited an African American friend to Thanksgiving Dinner. I was a young white girl. We worked for the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy knocking on doors for nuclear arms control and peace in Central America. We were young idealists working for a better world. My friend was not able go home to Chicago for the holiday, so I invited him...


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